May 25, 2011
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How Good is Tweet Adder

You can follow the link below to buy Tweet Adder at the lowest price possible:

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Now, here is my story about Tweet Adder …

I have used Tweet Adder software for over 6 months and I think this is the time to write Tweet Adder review to help everyone like you decide if this software worth your money or not.

For the first, I want to say if Tweet Adder was a small investment I made when compared with the ability and the time saving I got.

I bought the Unlimited Profiles package because I found the biggest Tweet Adder coupon code that saved me 20%. I’ll share the coupon code at the bottom of this post.

The ability to manage all of my accounts from one window saves a ton of time, efforts and frustration for me. By using Tweet Adder software, I have saved hours of work every days from: logging to the accounts, do tweets, re-tweets, replying to direct messages, sending them and searching for like-minded twitter friends and followers. Tweet Adder makes all of them become so easy!

With the package of Unlimited Profiles, you can have as many Twitter accounts as you want and you don’t need to be worry if it will be very complicated to manage so many accounts. It is totally easy to read what each account is doing and then make some changes if needed.

Monitor All of Your Accounts on One Screen

Take a look at the screenshot below, you’ll see that you can easily monitor what’s going on with all of your Twitter accounts, don’t you? That is how good Tweet Adder designed their software’s interface.

Following and Followers

You can see all of your followers and people that you’re following. This feature shows you the search term you used to find them, date and time they started following you or you follow them, and the other great information in detail about each of people connected to you.

Automatic Tweeting

Another benefit is the automatic tweeting. I’ve created 5 separate lists of tweets that I maintain. Each of them has 50-60 tweets. It’s easy to import the list into one of my accounts and set it to run on autopilot.

White and Black List

You can block your account to follow some person easily. Set the black list to block them and set the white list to enable them. As its easy.

Targeting Users to Follow

This is the most powerful feature on Tweet Adder. Within this feature, you can laser target people you want to follow based on keyword(s) on both their tweets or their profile.

Why you need to follow them? Normally, many of those people that you follow will follow you back. So by targeting people you want to follow based on keyword(s) you prefer will give you followers with the same interests as you want.

For example, if you want to get followers who is interesting on Forex, then just search people you want to follow based on “forex” keyword. Tweet Adder will find anyone who tweet “forex” of put the word of “forex” on their profile. This is how powerful Tweet Adder can do for you.

Getting Tweet Adder at The Lowest Price Possible

As I mention above, I used Tweet Adder coupon code to get Tweet Adder at the lowest price. That’s why I choose the Unlimited Profiles. The biggest coupon code that gives me the biggest discount is ” SKETZA20 ” (without quotes).

This coupon code can be used on Tweet Adder’s official site that you can access through the link below:

—> Visit Tweet Adder’s official site

By visiting the link, you’ll go to Tweet Adder sales page. Click the button “Buy Now”. The next page will ask you to choose which package you want (1 Profile, 5 Profiles, 10 Profiles, or Unlimited Profiles). At this point I choose the Unlimited one.

The next page is checkout page. Place the coupon code ( SKETZA20 ) before you fill your payment information. You’ll see your price deducted to 20 percent off. This is the biggest coupon code that works.

That’s all is my Tweet Adder review. Hopefully you enjoy it and get the most out of the software.